Audio or Video Description

Audio or Video description, also known as descriptive video, enables those with a visual impairment to have access to television and cinematic content. Audio/video description, provides an additional audio track that describes visual information; for example, a character entering a room or the general context of a scene.

Typically, the audio/video description or descriptive video software records a voice-over artist reading a prepared script that describes action and context. This recording is then encoded by the audio/video description software, ready to be transmitted with the main program video and audio. This is an intricate process as correct timing and precise mixing are required to avoid the audio/video descriptions overlapping with the dialogue and ensure they are audible above music and other background sounds.

Miranda has developed Softel Swift ADePT™,an audio/video description software that enables the efficient creation, recording and encoding of audio/video description tracks. Its standards-based audio recording and mastering ensures compatibility with existing workflows and streamlines audio description and recording.

Learn more about the new USA FCC video description rules for sight impaired audiences, that take effect July 1st 2012.