Subtitle and Closed Caption Insertion

Subtitles and closed captions may be inserted into either video files, using a software process, or into an SD or HD SDI video signal using a hardware device.

In file-based playout, video servers are used to ingest, manage, store and playout video assets. Modern workflows cater to multi-channel subtitling and closed captioning, often in multiple languages and across a variety of platforms such as mobile and internet connected devices. In such workflows the original video content is often repurposed to suit the needs of each delivery platform. Repurposing content often requires that subtitles and closed captions be extracted, transcoded and re-inserted into the repurposed video as part of this process.

Miranda offers Miranda Softel Swift™ vTX, a file-based subtitle and closed caption processor for extracting, transcoding and inserting subtitles, closed captions and ancillary data to and from video files. Miranda Softel Swift vTX enables the repurposing of video content regardless of file format to facilitate multi-platform and worldwide distribution of SD & HD subtitled content.

For hardware encoding of Teletext subtitles into SD or HD video Miranda offers the vFlex Ancillary Data Inserter unit.