Generate, Insert and Manage Teletext

Teletext is a medium for creating, editing, managing and broadcasting text-based information delivered through television. It uses a convenient ancillary data encoding method to deliver information that has some commercial value, such as selling or promoting goods and services, as well as news, travel and sports pages.

Teletext systems are able to generate, insert and manage text-based information and have evolved to offer automatic updates and remote editing.

Softel, now part of Miranda Technologies, developed Cyclone, a Teletext management platform that generates, edits and inserts Teletext. It features a three-screen support: TV, the web and mobile. Cyclone allows remote editing and automated updates from external data sources in a wide range of formats, cost-effectively supporting highly dynamic Teletext services.

For the creation of Teletext subtitles, Cyclone interfaces with Miranda Softel Swift Create, the subtitle creation software from Miranda.