Subtitle and Closed Caption Transmission

Once the subtitles and closed captions have been created and checked, they are ready for transmission.

There are essentially two types of transmission for pre-prepared subtitle content; Subtitle and closed caption data is either scheduled for time-of-air transmission, when the pre-prepared subtitle files are encoded into the video programming at the time of transmission, or the subtitle data is encoded into the programme video file in the hours or days before transmission.

In the case of live or last minute programme content, the subtitles may be generated in real time by a live subtitler or captioner. Miranda’s Softel Swift Create Live subtitle workstation software is designed to enable keyboard or speech-to-text (re-speaking) generated subtitles to be broadcast.

Miranda’s Softel Swift TX subtitle processor is designed to provide either time-of-air subtitle and closed caption transmission or real-time transcoding ‘on the fly’ from one subtitle format to another (Teletext to DVB for example).