Does A Resistance Band Set Really Help with Your Workout?

Resistance band set is a whole new exercise trend! While taking a glance at the gym, people often come across resistance band set, the usage and benefit of which is unknown to many. Resistance bands are an exquisite part of the workout session as it provides immense resistance and assistance for beginners and professionals. 

Multiple resistance bands start from level 1 till level 6. The most popular is the flat resistance bands or exercise bands. A thicker band will offer higher resistance, but it is harder to stretch than the thinner resistance band. For instance, beginners can choose a light resistance band that is best-suited. With time and practice, users can move to a thicker band that offers them the utmost counterbalance. These Resistance band Sets are ideal for building strength, improving mobility, weightlifting, rehabilitation, and pull-ups. 

Resistance Band Set Benefits 

The thickness of the resistance band set depends on the body weight and workout level they are willing to perform. However, at any stage, resistance bands offer endless benefits.

Improves the exercise quality 

Resistance bands significantly improve the overall workout session. These bands offer proper assistance in correcting the workout postures and relieve the muscular tension. The quality of every rep significantly improves with higher muscular contraction, thereby aiding the user to enhance their strength.

Aids to regain focus and control

For improving strength and functional fitness levels, a resistance band can be immensely helpful in controlling the tension and releasing adequate concentration. It helps the user to maintain a counterbalance until they are capable of heavy lifting without assistance.

Stabilizes muscles

While using a resistance band, the user will have to focus on maintaining their exercise posture. Hence, this is an excellent way to build inner core strength and, at the same time, helps to stabilize the muscles. 

Excellent for fundamental training

Unlike traditional exercise form, workout with resistance band set involves enhanced natural movement which users perform in everyday life. It is highly beneficial to strengthen the joints and aids in maintaining a healthy lifestyle now and later.

Perfect for natural workout

For beginners, machines are an excellent way to improve general movement, but they can also restrict one’s natural movements. So while aiming to tone up targeted muscles, resistance bands offer adequate results as users can fully extend and contract their muscles, enhancing body shape and strength.

Excellent for compound exercises 

The resistance bands are ideal for compound exercises wherein several muscles function at one time. It helps in a full-body workout, improves coordination, and requires more energy than regular exercises.

Helps to control the angle

Anyone with shoulder or wrist perils often find it perilous to use straight bars for heavy lifting. But with a resistance band, they can control their training angle without aggravating the pain points. It is also ideal for training with resistance band sets that reduces straining one’s joints.


Resistance bands are lightweight and offer high-quality workout sessions by enhancing every rep because it is hard to maintain the balance on these bands. But this will ultimately aid in improving one’s posture and exercise form and develop the overall body strength. It also aids the users in understanding whether the exercise performed is curated to the target muscles or not. Therefore employing a set of resistance bands can help in improving quality workout.

4 ways to Build Better Virtual Event Engagement

Virtual events have become the lifeline of all the businesses, whether it is a global repute or a local one. It is the only way nowadays to communicate between business associates and affiliates by maintaining social distance, etc. as due to pandemic 2020, social distancing is the buzz word for staying health-safe. For obvious reason, learning the triggers of Virtual event engagement has become extremely important to survive the rat race.

It is better to learn the tricks from the pro planners so if you are planning to host a virtual business event. For the introduction of your learning process, we have suggested a few points here.  

Virtual Event Engagement: Get the right tools

Right tools are key to host a vibrant online event. For example, a dynamic interactive platform for hosting is a requisite. The participants should be able to interact; otherwise, the event will become one-sided and lifeless. The facility of real-time interactions, the ability to view all the participants, etc. during the event is an excellent way to enliven the communication aspect. Before you arrange the event, adequate research will help you to explore the options.

Have an exciting way of creative participation

 You have to keep your participants glued to your event by keeping them engaged. Not only infographics and power points presentation can snatch their complete attention, but you also have to arrange something extra here. You can split the event into the short breaks, and introduce poll and interactive sessions if possible. If an online conference becomes too lengthy at one stretch, it may lose its vibrancy and attraction. So don’t let your participants’ brains to sit idle watcher.  

Promote engagement by fun-filled activities

You can always introduce a session of virtual event printing in the course of your virtual event planning. It is a fun way to feel like a team, while participants are not meeting each other face to face. Select a service provider who is competent and skilled enough to add some creative vibes in the virtual event you have organized. It is a beautiful and professional way to create some fun souvenirs during the event session, where all participants can stay at home.

Virtual Event Engagement; Introduce a passionate presenter

Don’t let your participants log-off, or swapping their engagement to watching an online movie instead of attending your online event. A professional and passionate event presenter can create a real-life presentation of the event and pull the participants’ pool on the event interface. So you need a speaker who knows the theme of the event properly and can present it nicely and professionally. If the speaker performs as the influencer of your business event, it is a double bonus in your marketing strategy.

These are some of the clues for managing Virtual event engagement successfully. However, you can work on the interactive features more depending on the agenda of your event. 

You can also add trivia, quiz, live streaming fun moments, etch so that the participation of your recipients becomes more spontaneous. You will surely get success in your mission.

On the other hand, corporate gifting is a must, especially when you are an organizer. This allows you to show your appreciation and effort. However, it is crucial to know which corporate gift ideas are the least welcomed.


Virtual Event:

Least Popular Corporate Gifts:

Improving Virtual Engagement Experience:

Premium Corporate Gifts Singapore For Women

Premium Corporate Gifts Singapore is an appreciation act towards your partners, specifically women who have been helping you. A businesswoman who needs to be gifted thoughtful things; especially the kind that would both help them to relax in between back to back schedules as well as enhance her business potential in the market.

There is definitely another list of even more ideas of corporate gifting to ladies in the industry.

List of 6 Premium Corporate Gifts Singapore for the Modern Woman:

Informative Books And Magazines:

Informative Books And Magazines:

Good books and magazines that could enhance her personal and professional growth can be fantastic gifts for businesswomen. Apart from keeping her updated about the latest facts of the corporate world, it will also help her form new ideas for better acquisition and profits. So a subscription to a business magazine or a gift card from a reputed bookstore is also a wonderful idea.

A Tote Or A Business Bag:

A Tote Or A Business Bag:

Image matters a good deal in the corporate sector. Whether on business trips or networking events, a good looking business bag or a tote is your best partner. The bag needs to be the kind that can carry the essentials as well as make a statement. Despite the fact that image is not everything; it does make a difference to look polished and professional at an important meeting.

An E-Reader For The Success-Oriented Business Woman, Premium Corporate Gifts Singapore:

An E-Reader For The Success-Oriented Business Woman:

The corporate world keeps its members on the go and anything that is portable and has the ability to store information is a boon for a woman in this sector. With technology on the rise and more people expecting instant information, physical books tend to lose out to the more popular iPad, Kindle, and other E-readers that can be carried anywhere without worrying about its weight. So for the success-oriented businesswoman, this could be a very thoughtful gift.

External Data Storage Device:

External Data Storage Device

Anybody who has dealt with lost information due to power outage or a crashed system will know the benefits and importance of en external data storage device. For a woman in the corporate sector, it is mandatory that she keeps her documents in place. To keep things in a safe and organized way, external hard drives or USB flash drives could be great corporate gift ideas for her.

Paper Shredder:

This might not sound very convincing but can be a boon for women who have faced issues of identity theft and such. So identity theft is rampant in the corporate world and more people are looking for ideas to prevent this menace. A good paper shredder can prevent this to some extent and help keep valuable information secure and private.

Premium Corporate Gifts Singapore; A Good Label Maker:

Don’t we all have our bad days when nothing seems to be found? A desk in an office tends to look cluttered without proper storage systems. A label maker can keep files, documents, storage containers labeled so that they can be identified even under maximum stress. They have a wide range of prices and shapes so it can be decided depending upon the budget of the one employer.

However, these are the list of the least popular corporate gifts that you need to take note of!


Premium Corporate gifts Singapore:

Least Popular Corporate Gifts:

Best Gifts to the Ladies in the Industry:

Top 10 Pre-Event Activities for Adults

Top 10 pre-event activities for adults! Pre-event activities organized before an event is a great way to offer fun to your guests and give them a platform to bring out their creativity. Even if it’s a formal event, the activities will allow your attends to socialize with others. Here are some exciting and amusing adult pre-event activity ideas. It is important to always keep in mind, ask yourself ” Are you doing enough to engage your Attendees?

Art jamming

Art jamming is a freestyle painting which is done socially. It is believed to be a form of art therapy, and the activity is an excellent way to bond. Let your guests discover the artist in them through this pre-event activity.

Henna tattoo

One of the popular preevent activities for an all-women event is undoubtedly a corner for a henna tattoo. The activity fits in perfectly if you are organizing a cultural event. Guests enjoy seeing the trained henna artists intricately designing their pretty hands.

Panting a mini – pot    

Give the plain terracotta pots a custom design to flaunt the blooms. The creative pre-event activity is sure to get your guests involved. Let them come up with unique designs on the pots which they can carry back home as a souvenir from the event.

Paper marbling

Ebru or paper marbling is an ancient form of art that traces its origin to Turkey. Let your guests create some interesting patterns with the marbling solution specially prepared for the event. Each dip gets transformed into an abstract form of art.

Block printing

Your guests are sure to enjoy creating seamless patterns on paper or fabric using the block printing method. The fabric can be turned into a small pouch to take back home after the event. Block printing is an engaging pre-event activity for a group of any size.

Batik painting

Another of the popular pre-event activities perfect for an adult gathering is batik painting. This is a technique of using wax to hand dye the fabrics. It is about using imagination to blend the colors to create a masterpiece with enchanting colors.

Foam medallions

Foam medallions are an easy fringe activity, but trust me that it is highly addictive. The participants get to customize a medal that they can take along with the home.

Stamp carving    

The appeal for stamps pulls adults and the young alike and which is why rubber stamp carving is a popular pre-event activity in events. With an array of colors and stamp pads, stamp carving is sure to get your guests involved for hours together.

Linocut printmaking

Let your guests step into the shoes of Matisse and Picasso when they try out Linocut painting. This is a traditional way of using carved linoleum blocks that are used to make prints that are of a limited edition.

Painting ceramic tile

Throw open a platform for your guests to get creative and decorate the ornate and beautiful tiles. They get to add some twist to the standard designs and choose to reinterpret the motifs with their style.

Be it a family or a corporate event; Pre-event activities do play a role in making your event a memorable one. It is sure to give your guests an extraordinary time and will be something that they will cherish for days to come. Of course, you need to know what are the things you shouldn’t give to your corporate attendees!


Are you doing enough for your Attendees:

Batik Painting:

Pre-Event Activities:

5 Least Popular Corporate Gifts:

What Are The Must-Have Ingredients In Your Kitchen To Bake Cookies

You now have all the tools to bake cookies at home. However, did you check whether you have the ingredients in your kitchen to prepare some delectable cookies? Here are the things that you need to bake cookies.

  • Flour – The all-purpose wheat flour is used to bake cookies as the wheat gluten gives a structure to the baked cookies. Make sure that you keep the flour in a sealed zip-top bag and chill it so that the wheat germ in the whole wheat does not go rancid.

  • Cornstarch- This is a fine and powdery starch that is made using the finely ground corn kernels. The cornstarch is used as a thickening agent. This is added to the flour in order to give it a light texture. If it is sealed and kept in a cool and dry place then this can stay fresh for a long time.

  • Oats – It is not preferred to use instant oats in cookies because it affects the texture and the cooking time of the cookies. Instead, you may use the old-fashioned ones that are made using the whole oat kernels that are rolled. It can also be made when you flatten the oat groat bits.

  • Baking Soda and Baking Powder – Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate are used as a leavening agent in the cookies. This is an alkaline ingredient. When some acidic ingredient is added to the batter, then it releases carbon dioxide that creates airy and light baked cookies.

  • Cream of Tartar is used as a leavening agent too. This byproduct of wine is used in stabilizing the whipped egg whites.

  • Spices are needed to bake cookies. You can buy the whole spices and grind them when you need them.

  • Sugars – You may choose to use the granulated sugar, the castor sugar that is superfine, powdered sugar or brown sugar.

  • Syrups- You may need some corn syrup or molasses to offer sweetness to the cookies. Make sure you have them in your kitchen.


  • Cream – Whipped cream and heavy cream are used to make cookies. It needs to be mixed with the batter and whipped.

  • Milk – You will need the reduced fat or fresh whole milk that works for cookies. You may also use the evaporated milk that is canned. Sweetened condensed milk can also be used.

  • Eggs – You need eggs to bake cookies. Eggs are a leavener when the moisture in it gets evaporated when it is baked. The fat in the egg helps to emulsify the batter and it adds richness to the baked cookies. The egg white helps to stabilize the dough and it gives it a structure.

  • Oil – You need an oil that has a neutral flavour and a high smoke point.

  • Butter – Butter contains milkfat and it could be salted, unsalted, or whipped. You may want to avoid the whipped butter to bake cookies because it has a lot of air in it and this does not let you take an accurate measurement to bake cookies.

For more information on how you can bake delicious cookies in your home kitchen, visit their official website to try out the various recipes of cookies or come up with something of your own.

5 Least Popular Corporate Gifts

There is a saying that gifts don’t matter, the thought behind the gift does, but that’s not how everybody looks at a gift. Corporate gifts should be the kind that leaves a lasting impression on the receiver. In such a scenario, the wrong choice of gift could only spell trouble for you. There is also an added risk of embarrassment. We have all had that one occasion when a particular gift has seemed like the silliest thing to be given ever. Do you want to steer clear of making such mistakes? Read on to know the top 5 least popular corporate gifts:

• Gift Cards that are inadequately funded:

Seriously? Who does that? This is one of the worst things that one could ever do. The receiver might want to purchase an item worth $50 and ends up feeling humiliated at the counter because the gift card to be encashed is not funded enough to cover the cost. Yes, corporate gifts are given based on a budget, and the company may not be able to add too much additional funds, but surely there are other gift ideas that don’t involve humiliation of any kind. Gifting in kind or gifting items that are within the budget is a far better idea.

• Calendars:

The corporate world and its members are always functioning on the basis of a business calendar and they definitely don’t need yet another to tell them that Monday is right around the corner. If you have thought of adding a company logo to it, then please drop the idea of gifting one, because it is not only irritating but also useless at the same time. It’s alright to throw in a calendar along with other gift items as part of a stationery hamper but not as the only gift.

• Gift Mugs And Pens With The Company’s Logo

Our drawers are probably creaking by now with the weight of useless mugs and pens that are neither good for office use nor sober enough for use at home. As much as people love their coffee and their writing skills, they would not be looking forward to a mug or a pen that will sit uselessly on the office desk till Christmas holidays. If you really want to make a difference to these items and make them worthy of appreciation, then please consider customizing them. Take good care of the quality. You could get the recipient’s name embossed on it so that they feel a sense of ownership.

• Apparel:

You either end up buying a size too large or a size so small, the receiver feels breathless in it. It is a bad idea to gift clothes to your corporate clients because of the risks involved. You can never be sure of the size, unless you ask beforehand, and that might be embarrassing. People wear clothes as per their taste and you cannot know what they like and what they dislike.

Choose your corporate gifts from MOP Singapore wisely, so that they are used affectionately, and not stashed away or worse thrown in a recycle bin!

Wedding Photo Booth For Tech-Savvy Couples

You don’t have to mint money to hire a photo booth for your wedding. If you are a tech-savvy couple, why don’t you do your own photo booth for your wedding? Yes, it is simple and people have tried it before. Take it upon as a project and DIY today. But, since it is your wedding, make sure someone else takes the responsibility for the booth as you will be busy with the most important day in your life.
What is a photo booth?

It is a booth, where people take pictures and it is instantly printed and signed. They can be decorated as per the theme of the wedding InstaPrint dot sg, and guests can take their picture back home as a keepsake from the wedding.
The DIY Wedding Photo booth:
If you feel it is above your budget to hire a professional photo booth, here is what you have to do.
• Use a DSLR Remote Pro on a tripod: This camera has a photo booth mode, which is just ideal for you. If you don’t own one, rent from one of your friends who has a Canon or a Nikon Camera which is a DSLR with remote pro and set it in a tripod, then your work is made easy. Your wedding photographer that you hire for the wedding can also help you out on this.
• Software and prints: The photo booth software allows you to customize your display screen and you can use a background that suits your wedding. You can set up the screens with instructions for your guests before they get clicked, with a
o Start screen – which says which to press to get the photos clicked.
o Countdown screen – where the countdown before the photo is taken appears.
o Smile screen – asking you to say cheese for the camera and
o Processing screen – where pictures are being processed and sent to the printer.
• Printing: Have a printer attached to the computer with the correct dimensions as to whether you want two prints of the same photos or a single photo should be set with good quality paper. As and when the photos are taken, the printer will print them and the guests can take them away. A person at the printer should be kept to make sure everything is smooth, and if need be you can even give your guests the photo in frames as keepsake.
• Backdrop and Lighting: Set up the backdrop with printed fabrics or one according to the theme of the wedding. Use a spotlight and a photography umbrella to flatter the images and for a professional finish.
• Props: Let your guests pose with funky hats, moustaches and giant sunglasses for the photos. You don’t have to go overboard, make your own props or dig in to your closet for those furry gloves and scarves.
• Location of the booth: Make sure you set it up in a place which does not disturb your main event but is easily spotted by guests.
Let your guests leave with the memory imprinted of the DIY Photo booth.