5 Least Popular Corporate Gifts

There is a saying that gifts don’t matter, the thought behind the gift does, but that’s not how everybody looks at a gift. Corporate gifts should be the kind that leaves a lasting impression on the receiver. In such a scenario, the wrong choice of gift could only spell trouble for you. There is also an added risk of embarrassment. We have all had that one occasion when a particular gift has seemed like the silliest thing to be given ever. Do you want to steer clear of making such mistakes? Read on to know the top 5 least popular corporate gifts:

• Gift Cards that are inadequately funded:

Seriously? Who does that? This is one of the worst things that one could ever do. The receiver might want to purchase an item worth $50 and ends up feeling humiliated at the counter because the gift card to be encashed is not funded enough to cover the cost. Yes, corporate gifts are given based on a budget, and the company may not be able to add too much additional funds, but surely there are other gift ideas that don’t involve humiliation of any kind. Gifting in kind or gifting items that are within the budget is a far better idea.

• Calendars:

The corporate world and its members are always functioning on the basis of a business calendar and they definitely don’t need yet another to tell them that Monday is right around the corner. If you have thought of adding a company logo to it, then please drop the idea of gifting one, because it is not only irritating but also useless at the same time. It’s alright to throw in a calendar along with other gift items as part of a stationery hamper but not as the only gift.

• Gift Mugs And Pens With The Company’s Logo

Our drawers are probably creaking by now with the weight of useless mugs and pens that are neither good for office use nor sober enough for use at home. As much as people love their coffee and their writing skills, they would not be looking forward to a mug or a pen that will sit uselessly on the office desk till Christmas holidays. If you really want to make a difference to these items and make them worthy of appreciation, then please consider customizing them. Take good care of the quality. You could get the recipient’s name embossed on it so that they feel a sense of ownership.

• Apparel:

You either end up buying a size too large or a size so small, the receiver feels breathless in it. It is a bad idea to gift clothes to your corporate clients because of the risks involved. You can never be sure of the size, unless you ask beforehand, and that might be embarrassing. People wear clothes as per their taste and you cannot know what they like and what they dislike.

Choose your corporate gifts from MOP Singapore wisely, so that they are used affectionately, and not stashed away or worse thrown in a recycle bin!