Top 10 Pre-Event Activities for Adults

Top 10 pre-event activities for adults! Pre-event activities organized before an event is a great way to offer fun to your guests and give them a platform to bring out their creativity. Even if it’s a formal event, the activities will allow your attends to socialize with others. Here are some exciting and amusing adult pre-event activity ideas. It is important to always keep in mind, ask yourself ” Are you doing enough to engage your Attendees?

Art jamming

Art jamming is a freestyle painting which is done socially. It is believed to be a form of art therapy, and the activity is an excellent way to bond. Let your guests discover the artist in them through this pre-event activity.

Henna tattoo

One of the popular preevent activities for an all-women event is undoubtedly a corner for a henna tattoo. The activity fits in perfectly if you are organizing a cultural event. Guests enjoy seeing the trained henna artists intricately designing their pretty hands.

Panting a mini – pot    

Give the plain terracotta pots a custom design to flaunt the blooms. The creative pre-event activity is sure to get your guests involved. Let them come up with unique designs on the pots which they can carry back home as a souvenir from the event.

Paper marbling

Ebru or paper marbling is an ancient form of art that traces its origin to Turkey. Let your guests create some interesting patterns with the marbling solution specially prepared for the event. Each dip gets transformed into an abstract form of art.

Block printing

Your guests are sure to enjoy creating seamless patterns on paper or fabric using the block printing method. The fabric can be turned into a small pouch to take back home after the event. Block printing is an engaging pre-event activity for a group of any size.

Batik painting

Another of the popular pre-event activities perfect for an adult gathering is batik painting. This is a technique of using wax to hand dye the fabrics. It is about using imagination to blend the colors to create a masterpiece with enchanting colors.

Foam medallions

Foam medallions are an easy fringe activity, but trust me that it is highly addictive. The participants get to customize a medal that they can take along with the home.

Stamp carving    

The appeal for stamps pulls adults and the young alike and which is why rubber stamp carving is a popular pre-event activity in events. With an array of colors and stamp pads, stamp carving is sure to get your guests involved for hours together.

Linocut printmaking

Let your guests step into the shoes of Matisse and Picasso when they try out Linocut painting. This is a traditional way of using carved linoleum blocks that are used to make prints that are of a limited edition.

Painting ceramic tile

Throw open a platform for your guests to get creative and decorate the ornate and beautiful tiles. They get to add some twist to the standard designs and choose to reinterpret the motifs with their style.

Be it a family or a corporate event; Pre-event activities do play a role in making your event a memorable one. It is sure to give your guests an extraordinary time and will be something that they will cherish for days to come. Of course, you need to know what are the things you shouldn’t give to your corporate attendees!


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