Wedding Photo Booth For Tech-Savvy Couples

You don’t have to mint money to hire a photo booth for your wedding. If you are a tech-savvy couple, why don’t you do your own photo booth for your wedding? Yes, it is simple and people have tried it before. Take it upon as a project and DIY today. But, since it is your wedding, make sure someone else takes the responsibility for the booth as you will be busy with the most important day in your life.
What is a photo booth?

It is a booth, where people take pictures and it is instantly printed and signed. They can be decorated as per the theme of the wedding InstaPrint dot sg, and guests can take their picture back home as a keepsake from the wedding.
The DIY Wedding Photo booth:
If you feel it is above your budget to hire a professional photo booth, here is what you have to do.
• Use a DSLR Remote Pro on a tripod: This camera has a photo booth mode, which is just ideal for you. If you don’t own one, rent from one of your friends who has a Canon or a Nikon Camera which is a DSLR with remote pro and set it in a tripod, then your work is made easy. Your wedding photographer that you hire for the wedding can also help you out on this.
• Software and prints: The photo booth software allows you to customize your display screen and you can use a background that suits your wedding. You can set up the screens with instructions for your guests before they get clicked, with a
o Start screen – which says which to press to get the photos clicked.
o Countdown screen – where the countdown before the photo is taken appears.
o Smile screen – asking you to say cheese for the camera and
o Processing screen – where pictures are being processed and sent to the printer.
• Printing: Have a printer attached to the computer with the correct dimensions as to whether you want two prints of the same photos or a single photo should be set with good quality paper. As and when the photos are taken, the printer will print them and the guests can take them away. A person at the printer should be kept to make sure everything is smooth, and if need be you can even give your guests the photo in frames as keepsake.
• Backdrop and Lighting: Set up the backdrop with printed fabrics or one according to the theme of the wedding. Use a spotlight and a photography umbrella to flatter the images and for a professional finish.
• Props: Let your guests pose with funky hats, moustaches and giant sunglasses for the photos. You don’t have to go overboard, make your own props or dig in to your closet for those furry gloves and scarves.
• Location of the booth: Make sure you set it up in a place which does not disturb your main event but is easily spotted by guests.
Let your guests leave with the memory imprinted of the DIY Photo booth.